Documentary about the Creator of the JW Player

WHOISJW? is a documentary about a very talented developer and successful young entrepreneur from Holland: Jeroen Wijering. He is the creator of the JW Player, a videoplayer which is used on countless websites throughout the world. Many very prestigious websites like Disney, Harvard, IMDB, Intel, NASA en The White House use his JW Player. Even YouTube ran on the JW Player in the first 18 months of their existence.

Student / Entrepreneur

This documentary is all about entrepreneurship. Jeroen started programming as a student in 2005 and is now co-owner of a company in New York which is worth millions of dollars. He is a role model for students worldwide. In this documentary we are trying to uncover the secrets behind the success of one of Holland’s most viewed and yet least-known export products.

“This success story is a source of inspiration for ambitious young people worldwide”

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